Getting Started on Secure NAS


ITS offers a Secure Network Attached Storage (SecNAS) file service solution. The service is hosted on \\  The service is offered as a departmental solution for the storage of sensitive data.   Access is currently limited to the CIFS protocol.

Departments receive a subsidized space allocation calculated against Full Time Equivalent (FTE) employee count. The departmental allocation is 1GB per FTE. This subsidized allocation will be provided as a block to the departmental group, sub-allocation within the client structure is the responsibility of the departmental groups. All questions regarding use and size of subsidized allocations will be directed to your departmental group IT department. Access is currently limited to the CIFS protocol but maybe expanded to other protocols over time. Security and access control lists (ACL’s) are managed via the campus Active Directory implementation. Departments will have the option to purchase additional capacity at the rate of $3 per GB billed annually.

Subsidized Allocation Calculation

Total FTEs in a departmental group X 1 GB = Subsidized Allocation

Additional capacity can be purchased in minimum blocks of 200GB.  Please submit requests to ITS-SYSTEMS.  Note:  ITS is working to finalize the billing system to be used for storage services.  The rate has been determined but the mechanics of the billing process are a work in progress.

Help Documents

ITS has a collection of Help Documents for this service:

For Departmental IT Representatives

Please submit a request to ITS-SYSTEMS. If the departmental space has not been configured, ITS will work with you to do the initial configurations. If the space is already established, ITS will assist as needed.


To find out more details about Secure NAS Service offerings please contact the ITS Systems group by sending email to ITS-SYSTEMS, or via Microsoft Teams, NAS Services.