Getting Started with Globus Connect

Below are the individual steps with example screenshots regarding the setup of your Globus login account, accessing our UNC Globus endpoint named “UNC, Research Computing, Datamover” (or uncch#unc-rc-dm).   There is an optional installation and configuration of your personal Globus Connect endpoint client.

Globus addresses deficiencies in secure copy requests by automating large data transfers, by resuming failed transfers, file transfers are encrypted over the wire by default and by simplifying the implementation of high-performance transfers between computing centers.  Once you have finished the setup steps below you can use the Globus Connect file transfer utility.


Table of Contents

Globus Connect Web Interface setup and configuration

UNC-CH as Identity Provider

Onyen user-id and Onyen password

Transfer Files

“UNC, Research Computing, Datamover” endpoint

Destination transfer

Globus Connect Personal


Globus Connect Web Interface Setup and Configuration

First, click this:

All of the following steps are using the web page you just clicked on.

We are going to setup your UNC login access method using your UNC Onyen userid and Onyen password.

  • Enter “chapel hill”  and click on “University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill”
  • Click on “Continue” button



UNC-CH as Identity Provider

  • On the CILogon web page, verify “UNC at Chapel Hill” is the Identify Provider.
  • Check the box “Remember this selection
  • Click on “Log On”


Onyen user-id and Onyen password

  • Enter your UNC Onyen user-id and Onyen password


Transfer Files

  • Select “Transfer Files”

Transfer Files Globus

UNC, Research Computing, Datamoverendpoint

  • To access the UNC endpoint.   Enter “UNC, Research Computing, Datamover” in the ‘endpoint’ field.   This endpoint is also called uncch#unc-rc-dm.

Transfer Files UNC


Destination transfer

  • Next, you can either access your personal endpoint to transfer between your personal workstation/laptop and Research Computing storage. To setup your personal endpoint, see steps further below in Globus Connect Personal.
  • OR
  • Access the “UNC, Research Computing, Datamover” endpoint (uncch#unc-rc-dm) endpoint a 2nd time to transfer data between various Research Computing storage such as scratch space and mass storage (~/ms/).

Transfer Files Personal

Globus Connect Personal

For information on downloading and configuring the Globus Connect Personal workstation install and setting up your PC to be an endpoint.

Note: these steps are optional and will help if you wish to transfer data to/from you workstation and Research Computing storage.

Downloads for Windows, Mac, Linux: