How can I check or update the worklog of my Remedy ticket?

This can be done via the web at the Online Help Request Application page. Click on the Log In button and enter your ONYEN and password. Click Open Requests from top menu then click on the ticket number to see status and details for that ticket. When the problem is resolved you will receive an email from UNC-CH PTR (the Problem Tracking System) telling you that the ticket is closed and telling you what you can do if the problem is not solved to your satisfaction.

To Update a Remedy Ticket via Email:

Enter in the CC: field. In the Subject: field of the email, enter Ticket, followed by a space and the number of the Remedy ticket you want to update.

Example: Ticket 12345

All text entered in the body of the email will be added to the worklog of the ticket referenced in the Subject line. Allow up to 5 minutes for the email contents to be reflected in the Remedy Request for Service ticket.