How can I see all of my e-mail folders?

IMPORTANT NOTE: The folder subscription instructions below are only for Exchange or HeelMail accounts that have been configured with IMAP settings, using an IMAP email application such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail or MS-Outlook.

In some cases, you may not see all of your folders in your e-mail client. This happens when some folders are not subscribed in that particular client. Listed below are some ways to get access to all of your folders.

Mozilla Thunderbird

In Mozilla Thunderbird, click the arrow icon to the left of your Inbox folder to expand your complete list of folders. Right-click your Inbox folder and choose Subscribe…

Thunderbird - Folder Options

Check the box for any unsubscribed folders, then click Subscribe to subscribe to them. Click OK after folder(s) are subscribed.

Thunderbird - Folder Subscription


Apple Mail

When using the Apple Mail client, all folders should be shown, regardless of subscribed status.

Microsoft Outlook

In Microsoft Outlook, right-click the top level folder for your account, which is usually Inbox. Click IMAP Folders…. from the shortcut menu.  While in the All tab, click the Query button. Shift-click or control-click to choose the folders you want to subscribe to, and then click the Subscribe button.