How can I tell on which fileserver(s) a file/directory resides?

The AFS service is being decomissioned on November 13, 2018. Please go to for more information.


In Windows Explorer on a PC, right click the file or folder on the network AFS drive. This brings up a menu which includes an AFS submenu. In the AFS submenu, select “Show File Servers”, which will bring up a dialog box showing the fileserver.

For UNIX users, the fs whereis filename command returns the name of the fileserver that holds the file.

% fs whereis /afs/isis/depts/aal
File  /afs/isis/depts/aal  is  on  host

The following command will print out the location of current AFS directory:

fs  whereis  .

The following command shows the location of your home directory:

fs  whereis  ~

The following command tells the location of the /afs/isis/pkg/cerius2 directory:

fs  whereis  /afs/isis/pkg/cerius2