How do I access external perl modules from AFS package space?

The AFS service is being decomissioned on November 13, 2018. Please go to for more information.


Perl modules that are maintained outside of the perl package must be accessed from within a perl program by a “use lib” line that indicates the directory where the module resides. This affects the below modules.

Table 1. Examples of Module Names and Required perl lines use lib ‘/afs/isis/pkg/afs/libperl’;

use AFS; use lib ‘/afs/isis/pkg/cyrus_sasl/libperl’;

use Authen::SASL::Cyrus; use lib ‘/afs/isis/pkg/krb4/libperl’;

use Authen::Krb4; use lib ‘/afs/isis/pkg/heimdal/libperl’;

use Authen::Krb5; use lib ‘/afs/isis/pkg/mysql/libperl’;

use Mysql; use lib ‘/afs/isis/pkg/mysql/libperl’;

use DBD::mysql; use lib ‘/afs/isis/pkg/oracle/libperl’;

use DBD::Oracle; use lib ‘/afs/isis/pkg/oracle/libperl’;

use Oraperl; use lib ‘/afs/isis/pkg/bioperl/lib/perl5’;

use Bio::Perl; use lib ‘/afs/isis/pkg/cyrus_sasl/libperl’;

use Authen::SASL::Cyrus::Security;