How do I change my Windows Password on my CCI laptop?

Computers that are not connected to a domain:

The following steps will explain how to change the password for the user currently logged into the machine.

  • While logged in to Windows press Ctrl+Alt+Del simultaneously and select Change Password.
  • Type in your current password in the Old Password text box and then type in your new password in both the New Password and Confirm New Password text boxes. (Your password won’t be displayed as you type; asterisks will be displayed instead.)

Remember, if you change the password for your machine, you should change your Onyen password to keep them synched. For more information about managing your Onyen, go to the Onyen page.

Computers that are connected to the domain:

The Ctrl+Alt+Del method will not work for computers connected to the domain. Instead, you must change your password by using the Onyen page. Once you’ve changed your password on the Onyen page it will automatically synchronize with your domain password. You will then need to log out of your computer and then log back in with your new password to complete the change.