How do I get a UNC e-mail account?

Before you can get an email account, you must first have a UNC PID (personal identification number) and you must be actively affiliated with UNC-Chapel Hill. Typically, being actively affiliated means that you are enrolled as a student in a course of study or you are a member of the faculty or staff. Information on obtaining a PID is available from the PID office.

Once you have a UNC PID, you may obtain your UNC email account by creating an Onyen (an acronym for “only name you’ll ever need”). The Onyen is your user ID that will give you access to various electronic resources on campus.

  • To create an Onyen, go to the and click on the button.
  • Once you have created an Onyen and Onyen password, you will need to manually signup for the email service, please visit the Self Service Tool (

For more information about using UNC Self Service Tool, please review the Self Service Tool document.

Once your email account has been created then please visit or Office 365 Email Setup document for instructions on configuring a Desktop or Mobile Client.