How do I install Adobe Creative Cloud Applications?

These instructions demonstrate the process of installing Adobe Creative Cloud.

Note: If you do not have access to Adobe Creative Cloud, you may request access by placing an order or submitting a ticket on the UNC Adobe Creative Cloud Landing Page.

Prior to installing the new applications, some previous Adobe products will need to be removed. If you have any issues removing previous versions, please refer to this Adobe help document Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool or contact us at 919-962-HELP. If you have no other Adobe products installed, continue with the installation steps below.

The following steps apply for Students, Faculty, and Staff with local administrative rights to their computer.


Step 1: Begin by downloading the Adobe Create Cloud application by clicking the button below or navigate to the Creative Cloud Application download webpage. Follow the instructions on this page to install the application.
Step 2: Once the Adobe Creative Cloud application is installed then follow the instructions below.

Answer the quick survey and then select Sign in to continue.

 1-instACC  2-instACC-sign
 Select the “Sign in with an Enterprise ID” link at the bottom.
You will now see the screen below; use your primary UNC-Chapel Hill email address (i.e. or  Faculty/Staff should use their primary SMTP address as well (i.e. or  If you are unable to login, call the ITS Service Desk at 919-962-HELP.

Note: If you have had an alias email address created, please ensure that you have updated the UNC directory to reflect your primary email address (i.e. or for students and or for faculty staff)  There are exceptions to the above depending on your department or school.

As soon as you enter your email address and hit Tab you will be redirected to the familiar UNC-CH Single Sign on page where you will login with your UNC-CH ONYEN and password.
Next you will see your system communicating with the Adobe Servers:
Once authenticated, your download will start
Navigate to your downloads folder and double click the installer.
8-instACC-startprog 8-instACC-finprog
Once the installer completes, the Creative Cloud Desktop Application will pop up and ask you to login.
This is the same process as above.

Now that you have downloaded and installed the Creative Cloud Desktop Application, logged in with an Enterprise ID and authenticated your account through the UNC-CH Single Sign on system; you can now install any or all of the available Creative Cloud Applications directly from the Desktop Application.  This application will also notify you of any available updates that need to be installed.

Note:  Faculty/Staff members that do not have local administrative privileges to their University owned systems will need to coordinate installation with their local IT support staff.