How do I install Virtual Lab software on Mac

Installing or Upgrading the Citrix Receiver

To install the Receiver, you need to select a web browser. Each browser has its own set of dialog boxes and instructions. The set of instructions below are for installing the plug-in. Follow any set of instructions displayed on your screen that are specific to the web browser you are running.

Start your web browser and navigate to


Log on with your Onyen and Password.  You should then see the Security Message below:

VirtualLabSetupMac_SS2-Security Message

Click on “Accept” to proceed to detection of Citrix Receiver.

If you have already downloaded the Citrix Receiver on your computer, you will be directed to the VL Logon dialog box. Click here if you have the Receiver installed for information on launching applications from Virtual Lab.

If you do not have the most current version of the software installed, verification for the receiver version will take place on the VL website. You will receive the following dialog box displayed below. If prompted to upgrade your software, please do so now.

First Time Software Install or Software Upgrade

VirtualLabSetupMac_SS3-Detect Receiver

Click on “Detect Receiver” to go through the detection process, if you do not have the Receiver on your machine, you should get a prompt directing you to download and install the software:


Click the checkbox to agree with the Citrix license agreement and then click “Download” to download the software.

Once the Receiver is downloaded, click to open the pkg:



Once there, just click through the prompts to complete installation:

VirtualLabSetupMac_SS6-Install 2


VirtualLabSetupMac_SS7-Install 3

VirtualLabSetupMac_SS8-Install 4


On the last screen you can simply click “Continue” as you do not have to add an account if you are launching from the Virtual Lab website.

Once the software is downloaded, you can go to the website and begin launching applications. Click here  for information on launching applications from Virtual Lab.