How do I link to someone’s information on the UNC Directory?

The ability to link to specific directory entries is available and a link is provided in the UNC Campus Directory. To link to the entry in the UNC Campus Directory for a specific person, please do the following:

  1. Sign in to the UNC Campus Directory.
    Note: The search results will not display the sought after link with out signing in.

    UNCDIR - Sign In

  2. Search for the Name or Onyen of the personUNCDIR - Search
  3. Once the search is completed you should find the link you are looking for at the bottom the Details tab view. For an example see image below:UNCDIR - Link

Note: The value after the “spid=” portion of the URL is the encrypted PID of the person.  If the PID is known; the actual PID may be substituted for the encrypted PID. An example would look like the following: