How do I reinstall the original software on my CCI computer?

There are three ways to restore your computer to the factory install.

Recovery Disc Set:

You can obtain a set of recovery discs from Software Acquisitions by contacting them at about obtaining a set for your specific model. Once you have the appropriate Recovery Disc set, insert Disc 1 in the CD-Rom drive and restart the computer. Then follow the instructions to recover your computer.

Across the UNC Campus Network:

You can reinstall your computers operating system and software using the on-campus ImageUltra servers. This method will give you the most up-to-date version of software available for your computer. Please follow these instructions if you would like to use this method to restore your computer –

Service Partition:

Every CCI computer with an original CCI software load contains all the data needed to restore the computer to the original state on a hidden partition on the hard drive. This Service Partition can be used to restore your computer without any external media or network access. Please see the instructions on this page for details on how to restore from the Service Partition.