How do I set Remedy to automatically populate certain fields with set values when I open a form?

From within the Windows Remedy Client:

  1. Go to Tools > Customize Field Defaults
  2. When the Customize Field Defaults window appears, choose the form you want from the menu. Click OK
  3. When the Customize Field Defaults form appears, populate your chosen fields with the data you want to remain constant. Pop-up menus, such as Group Assigned and Short Description on the UNC-Request for Service application, are not functional in this form so data must be typed in as free text in pop-up menu fields. Remedy is case-sensitive, so make sure the values are an exact match for those that appear in the menus on fields on which you are setting defaults. 
  4. Save the changes by going to Actions > Save or clicking the toolbar button. 
  5. Go to Tools > Options > Behaviors. Set On New to Set Fields To Default Values. Click OK

Remedy web tool allows user to set 6 fields to have a default values for a new UNC-Request for Service. Click icon to set the default values.