How do I Set Up ThinkVantage Fingerprint Security?

With your CCI laptop, you now have the ability to log in with your password and/or by using the integrated fingerprint scanner using the ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software.

Setup Fingerprint Security

STEP 1: Enroll Fingerprint(s)

  • Go to Start > ThinkVantage > ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software > Control Center

You must enroll at least one fingerprint to enable the integrated logon.

  • Go to Fingerprints > Enroll or Edit Fingerprints
  • Follow the steps in the User Enrollment wizard to successfully enroll your fingerprints.

STEP 2: Enable Integrated Fingerprint Logon

If you enable the integrated fingerprint logon, it is recommended that you keep the option of logging in using your password.
  • Go to Settings > System Settings.
  • Click the Logon tab in the ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software Settings window. Select the option and make sure the following are checked:
    • Allow to bypass logon using Windows password
    • Allow user selfenroll in logon

  • Click OK. You will prompted to reboot for your changes to take effect.

Disable or Delete Fingerprint Logon

If you would like to disable the integrated fingerprint logon, select one of the other two options.

To delete your fingerprints, go to Fingerprints > Delete. It will require you to swipe a finger for verification.