How to Administer an Exam for Scanning

This document explains how instructors can design, administer and score tests using the Exam Scanning Service and Scantron sheets.

Designing the Test

The test must be either multiple choice (with a maximum of five choices per question) or true-false. Each test should have no more than 200 Questions.

Create an Answer Key

  • Complete one General Purpose Answer Sheet with the correct answers.
  • Identify the sheet as the answer key by filling in the IDENTIFICATION NUMBER field with nine zeros (0).
  • If your exam has more than one version, use the “Page Number” section to indicate which version on each answer key. Have your students note which version they have in the same manner.
  • You can supply a weight for each question along with the answer key. Choose any integer from 1 to 9. (The default weight is 1 point per question.) You may also use decimals (ie, “0.5” points per question).
  • Turn the answer key in on top of the stack of answer sheets.

Administering the Test

The Scantron sheet has a place for the UNC-Chapel Hill personal ID number. The students must write in their PID number and fill in the corresponding circles on the answer sheet.

Students must mark their answers on the General Purpose Answer Sheet, which is available from the UNC-Chapel Hill Student Stores, at the main check-out counter. Each answer sheet has space for 200 answers. The answer sheets must be kept undamaged, and students must use only a No. 2 pencil, with a good, clean eraser.

Handling Answer Sheets

  • Check their answer sheets to be sure they have completed the ID section, and label which test version if applicable.
  • Check that the marks are clear, erasures are complete, there are no stray marks, and the sheets are clean and undamaged.
  • Do not use paper clips, rubber bands, or staples to hold the pages together; Instead, store and carry the answer sheets in a box or large envelope. Do not include any pencils, paper clips, staples or stray paper with the forms. Make sure all the forms are turned the same way.
  • If the forms are damaged in any way or incorrectly marked, the computer can (and generally will) give incorrect results.

Submitting the Test for Scoring

  • The Scantrons need to be brought to the Exam Scanning Office in 08 Peabody Hall (lower level) in the Classroom Hotline office. Our secure hallway dropbox is available anytime the building is open.
  • The instructor must fill out the In-Take Form completely. Forms are located inside the provided brown folders.
  • When you submit the exams for scoring, you will receive a receipt for them (the back of the form, a yellow sheet). You must have this receipt to pick up your exams. You may also choose to have your exam returned to you through campus mail.
  • Our turnaround time is generally less than 24 hours, but may be up to 72 business hours during peak times.
  • Student scores and reports: We do not release student scores. The instructor has access to data reports and student score reports after an exam has been processed through our Digital Desk Instructor Tools website

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