How to create an automatic welcome message for new subscribers of moderated lists?

The purpose of this document is to explain how to create a welcome message to send to new subscribers. The document is intended for new subscribers of a moderated list.

Create Document Content

Once you login to the UNC List server, you can

  1. Begin by clicking onĀ Utilities: Automated Messages: Document Content
  2. Click on Create From Template or Create New.

    Note: You may choose to create your own message or use an existing template. For the example of this document the Create From Template will be used.
  3. Click on Create From Template
  4. Choose the “eforumhello” template

    Note: This is an example used for the purpose of this document.
  5. Click Ok
    The following screen will allow you to customize the message:
  6. Fill in the Content Name and description (required)
  7. Click on Save

Document Association

  1. In order to associate the document that was created to send to new subscribers:
  2. Go To Utilities : Automated Messages : Document Associations
  3. Click on Create New
    The following form will show (fill in the drop down menus as follows)

    Applies To: Will be the list name
    Language: Default is English
    Message Type: Message sent when a private list subscription is approved by an admin
    Document: Content Name
    Is Default?: yes
  4. Click on Save
  5. Once the content document is saved, each time a new subscriber is approved by the admin, the listserv will send the default confirmation emails along with the welcome message.

More Information

For more information on Document Content and Document Associations, please see Listserv Help available from the Lyris Manager. If you have any questions about this document, please call 962-HELP.