How to Extract Data from Remedy for Reporting Purposes

The Remedy Desktop Client provides users with the ability to export ticket data for reporting purposes. Here is a quick example on how to export to .csv a list of your Group’s Open Tickets. You can perform these same steps with the results of any search you run in Remedy, including advanced searches.  For more information on how to run advanced searches, click here.


  1. Log into Remedy and open the RFS-Request for Service Application.1
  2. Click on the List Group Open Tickets button. (You can run any type of ticket search instead of clicking this button, the rest of the steps are the same).
  3. Once you have the results you need, by either clicking on List Group Open Tickets or by running a different search, make sure you select all the records you want to be in the report. 3
  4. Click on the Report button.4
  5. If you are using a pre-existing report, select it from the list and skip to step 7. If not, go to Report > New.5
  6. Click on the Fields tab, then select the fields you want to have on your report. You can add them in any order you need to by using the Add Before and Add After buttons. You can organize the fields on the report by clicking on the Move arrows. For the purpose of simplicity, we will not discuss the different tabs in the Properties screen at this time. 6
  7. Once you have selected all the fields you need, click OK and you will be back at the main Report window. You will see all the fields you added to the Report in the Style Preview section. 7
  8. You are now ready to export the report. Click on Report > Export To > File.8
  9. Select .csv from the Save as Type dropdown, name it, and choose where you want to save the file. Click Save.9
  10. This is how the csv file will look. You can then format the data as you see fit.10