How to import an iCalendar (.ics) file to Outlook

Importing iCalendar (.ics) file for Outlook 2007 and 2010

Outlook 2010

Click on the File Tab -> Open -> Import

Outlook 2007

  1. Click on the File Menu then click on Import and Export
  2. Highlight “Import an iCalendar (.ics) or vCalendar file (.vcs)” then click Next
    This is a graphic of the Import and Export Wizard for Outlook
  3. Choose the location where the iCalendar (.ics) file is saved and Click on Ok.
    This is a graphic of the Explorer window.
  4. Once the file is chosen the data will import to Open as New or Import
    This is a graphic of the options buttons to click "Open as New", "Import", or "Cancel".
  5. When the Open as New is chosen the file will open as a separate Calendar beside the Personal Exchange Calendar. Click the Import to actually import the data to your calendar.