How to Mobile Print on Android

Android users should install Pharos Print app.  If you wish to print from your android phone without using the pharos app, open a browser and go to  Log in using your onyen and onyen password.  You can then upload your print job from there to release at any of the CCI printing release stations on campus.

When you open the app:

  • Enter “” for Server Address
  • Enter “443” for Server Port
  • And then press Connect
Screenshot of Pharos setup screen
On the next screen:

  • Enter “your onyen” for Username
  • Enter “your onyen password” for Password
  • And then press Log On
Screenshot of Pharos login screen
Now the app is ready to use.

Once you are logged in, select Upload to find the file you want to print.

Screenshot of Upload screen
On the Choose A File to Upload screen select Documents to select a file (or Camera to take a photo).
Screenshot of Choose a File to Upload screen

If your file is not in the Downloads folder, press the menu icon (displayed as ☰) to see all your file locations.

Screenshot with menu icon highlighted
Now you can select your file location.
android screen
After you select your file, it will be displayed on the Mobile Print page.
Screenshot of file on mobile print page
You can also select the Print options tab for more print options.
android screen
Now you can release your print job at any of the CCI Printing locations on campus.

See the FAQ for more information on how to use the app.

*Note* – To use Mobile Print without installing the app go to