ImageUltra Boot CD – How-To

Image Source: Boot CD/USB & UNC Network

Image Time: 3 – 4 hours

You will need an ImageUltra bootable media, specifically configured for the UNC-CH solution, which you can obtain from

This process only works when the computer is connected via ethernet to the UNC Network and is regsitered for DHCP. This will not work for off-campus machines.

The boot disc is only necessary during the first stage of the image process. If you like, you can safely remove the boot media after the first reboot in the image process. This would allow you to continue imaging other machines using the same media while the current image completes.

Image Process:

Turn your computer on and press the F12 key when you see the Lenovo logo similar to the screen below.

Pressing the F12 key should bring you to the device startup menu where you can choose to boot from your external media. Place the ImageUltra boot media into your computer and then select the media from the boot menu.

ImageUltra software will load after boot and attempt to connect to ImageUltra repository server. If the process stops at message “Initializing TCP/IP via DHCP…” for more than two minutes, please ensure that you have an active network connection and that the network hardware MAC address is registered for DHCP. ( )

It will eventually bring you to a warning like the one seen below. Click continue but be aware that this process will erase all data on you computer.

WARNING: Make sure you have made a backup of anything you want to keep before continuing. This process cannot be undone!

On the next screen you will be presented with the option to choose your base map. This is where you decide what operating system you want to install on your computer. Choose and click next.

Like the previous screen, you must now choose a matching driver map. Choose the map that matches your desired operating system.

Image Ultra will now begin to process the maps you selected and display the map menu. Please choose the options that best match the person who will be using the computer.

Image completion times will vary depending on operating system and hardware being deployed. Please allow at least 3-4 hours for the image to complete. A message will be displayed asking to shutdown or reboot, indicating that the image has completed. At this point your computer will be prepared for its first use. The next time the computer is booted it will begin the process to create a new user account.