Infoporte and SAS Browser Issues

Common Infoporte/SAS issues and their solutions:


Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash, located here. (Un-check McAfee and True Key optional offers)


To solve the problem with downloading attachments from InfoPorte, we recommend that three URLs be added to the safe sites list in users’ browsers.  We’ve learned that three additional URLs need to be added:



Other Browser problems reported are:

*    InfoPorte does not allow the user to sign on.  The user either sees no message, or sees this message: “Internet Explorer has stopped working”

*   When trying to access the SAS reports in InfoPorte, the user sees this message:  “UNC Chapel Hill Single Sign On Stale Request”


If you are experiencing one of these issues, please change this setting for Internet Explorer or Chrome:

1.       Go to Internet Options > Security tab.

2.       Click Trusted Sites.

3.       Select the Enable Protected Mode checkbox.

CAUTION:  This setting could cause some custom applications to not work correctly, so only change this setting if absolutely necessary.  Please let me know if you are aware of applications that could be adversely affected by changing this setting.


For Internet Explorer and Chrome:

1.  Go to Tools > Internet Options > Security tab on top.

2.   Click Trusted Sites and then click Sites.

3.   In the Add this website to the zone box, type the following sites one at a time and click the Add button after each:

4.   Click Close and then OK.


For Mozilla Firefox:

1.    Click the Open Menu button (the one with three lines in the top, right-hand corner), and then choose Options > Security.

2.    Click the first Exceptions box.

3.    In the Address of website box, type the following sites one at a time and click the Allow button after each: