IPTV Streaming Cable Service

Service Description

Stream2 is a service provided by Carolina Housing and ResNET that allows the streaming of 80 campus cable channels on a mobile device, and includes 20 hours of DVR service per user.  This service is offered only to on-campus residents and will work only while on the campus network.  Any resident living on campus is eligible to create an account.

Create Account

To begin, each user will need to create an account by visiting www.mycampusvideo.com and clicking on Sign Up.

Device Options

Once an account is created, a user can stream on most web browsers by visiting http://webplayer.mystream2.com or by downloading the Stream 2 or Apogee Stream 2 app from the appropriate app store.  Detailed instructions and troubleshooting steps for each device can be found at https://help.mystream2.com.

If you experience any issue with Stream2 please contact Stream2’s support hotline directly at 1-833-493-4885 to get the fastest service.