Is anonymous FTP available?

The anonymous FTP service retired on May 29, 2018. Please see for more information.
This service is deprecated. ITS is not accepting new users for this service.

We have offered this service to departments and organizations in the past, but we are not accepting new users. See Research Computing’s Non-Sensitive Research Data FTP Site for non-onyen Collaborators for an alternative service.

This was not intended for personal use due to limited resources. The server was located at It was utilized by creating a public_ftp subdirectory at the AFS mount point for the department. Once this was established the (now defunct) DCI group would create a special duplicate mount point under /afs/, making that content immediately available via the ftp server. A Help Request was needed for this change to take place.

It may be easier for you to publish your smaller files underneath your public_html space and let people download documents from there directly via the http protocol (i.e. a web browser, wget, curl, etc.). For very large documents, ftp is more efficient and takes fewer resources on the server and network, but security concerns with the older ftp protocol make this service untenable going forward.

Please be advised of the following information regarding this service:
1) Material published through can be seen by the entire world with NO restrictions
2) NO SENSITIVE INFORMATION OF ANY KIND should be posted to any anonymous FTP site.