ITS-System Registration

ITS-System Registration application provides for the creation of system registration requests for CIs (Configuration Items) located on one of the three managed ITS (Information Technology Services) machine rooms. These requests can be saved as drafts or directly submitted to ITS. ITS will process the request and when all open issues with the request have been addressed, the request will be “Registered.”

When the application opens, the Show Draft and Submitted checkbox is automatically selected, and all draft and open submitted registration requests are displayed for the current user and their primary Remedy Group.

Select the Show Registered Systems checkbox to view all registered systems for the displayed Onyen and Remedy Group.

Additionally, when initially opened, the application will default with your information as the Technical Contact. Requests for submitting a New System Registration can be submitted under another Technical Contact. Any request to Change or Remove a registered system will require your information as the Technical Contact.

Creating a New System Registration request – used when registering a new CI not yet located on a machine room floor or that has not yet been assigned a CCID.

There are two basic ways to create a registration request for a new CI.

First Method: Enter the information from scratch (no row highlighted in the table field of draft, submitted, or registered systems). In the menu field Registration Request, select the menu option “New System Registration.” Once selected, the cursor will be placed in the Registration State menu field. Select the appropriate menu option and the cursor will then focus on the Deployment Date field. If you know the deployment date, (the date the system must be available), provide the date. Providing a date will assist in assigning a priority to your request.

When submitting a request to register a new CI, the Technical Contact information can be changed to another individual. If this is the case, use the directory look-up functionality provided by the application. A combination of the first and last names, the PID, or the individuals Onyen can be used.

Provide as much information as possible. The more complete the request the faster the request can be processed when submitted to ITS.

The request can be saved as a draft by pressing the “Add” draft button (not submitted to ITS) or submitted directly by pressing the “Submit” registration button. If submitted the Registration Status field will be changed to “Submitted” and an associated RFS ticket will be created and assigned to the appropriate ITS Remedy Group processing the request.

Second Method: From your list of Show Draft and Submitted registration requests, or from the list of Show Registered Systems, highlight one that is similar to the “New System Registration” request you would like to create. The fields associated with that system will be loaded and displayed.

Press the “Add”draft button.

A new draft entry will be created and highlighted within the Draft and Submitted list of registration requests. By default the Registration Request menu field will be set to “Change Registered System.” Since you are creating a registration request for a new system, select the menu option “New System Registration” in the Registration Request field.

By selecting “New System Registration” the Registration State menu field will be cleared along with the assigned CCID, Serial Number, and UNC Asset Number. This is your new draft template for a new system to be registered. Make all necessary field changes and press the “Modify” registration or the “Submit” registration button.

Submitting a registration request

When submitting a “New System Registration” request the more complete the initial request and with as much advanced notice as possible will help facilitate processing the internal power and infrastructure requirements of the CI. For this reason there are few initial data checks on new registration requests. The data checks that do exist relate to how the field “Networkable” is answered and may result in the following error message.

When the registration request is submitted, the Registration Status is changed to “Submitted.” The Registration Request menu field is set to read only, and an RFS ticket is created. The Show Draft and Submitted checkbox may be de-selected with only this entry displayed and highlighted. The Modify registration button is now active if any field changes are required to the submitted registration request. To see all your draft and submitted entries, re-check the Show Draft and Submitted checkbox.

To view the RFS ticket associated with the system registration request, verify that the submitted registration request is highlighted and go to the System Registration Ticket tab. The ticket will be displayed in the RFS ticket table along with any older ticket associated with the registered system. Since this is a registration request for a new CI no other tickets should be displayed. Select the RFS ticket, the ticket WorkLog will be displayed and the Update Ticket Worklog button will be enabled.

The Update Ticket WorkLog button functionality can be used to communicate with the group assigned to process the request.

Managing registration requests on the Draft and Submitted list

If the complete list of draft and submitted entries are not being displayed, select the Show Draft and Submitted checkbox.

The draft and submitted registration requests for the displayed Onyen and Remedy Group will be listed. Selecting a row in this table field will load that registration request data. Any “Submitted” entries will remain in this list until they are “Registered” by the responsible group. Any “DRAFT” entry will remain in the list until it is submitted and registered by ITS or is removed using the Remove draft button. For a “Submitted” entry, use the Modify button to make field changes, or the associated RFS ticket to communicate with the group assigned to process the request. For any changes to a “DRAFT” entry use the Modify draft button.

Creating a Change Registered System request – all registered systems on any of the three ITS machine room floors have an assigned CCID number. The CCID is required in submitting any change registration request. You can locate the appropriate system through three different methods.

First Method: To locate registered systems registered under your Onyen or the displayed Remedy Group, select the Show Registered Systems checkbox.

Once you locate the system that requires a change request, highlight the appropriate row in the table field and press the Add draft button. This draft entry will now be displayed and highlighted in the draft and submitted table list.

Make the appropriate field changes, add any comments, and press either the Modify draft or Submit registration button.

Second Method: If you are in a clear screen, no data loaded and displayed (press the Refresh/Reset button), and you know the CCID for the system, you can enter the CCID to locate that system. First you must select the menu option “Change Registered System” from the Registration Request field. After selecting this menu option, the cursor will focus in the Registration State field. Select from this menu field the appropriate menu option. The cursor will focus on the CCID field; the Locate button will appear and allow you to enter the CCID number. Once you have entered the appropriate CCID number press either the Enter key or the Locate button.

Third Method: Use the CI Search button to locate the appropriate CI. This functionality will allow you to locate a registered CCID by several different methods. Once located, the system can be selected and loaded into a Change Registered System window.

What can be changed in a Change Registered System request will depend on what Remedy Group is identified with the CCID and your own group membership. Whatever method is used, a check is made to determine the associated Remedy Group of the CCID and your personal membership in that group.

You may encounter the two dialog screens below depending on group membership:

Once the Remedy Group association has been determined, the appropriate field changes can be made.

The Registration State of “Change Remedy Group” has some additional restrictions. The only field change allowed with this registration state is the ability to change the Remedy Group. If the identified CCID is associated with your Remedy Group and you have selected this registration state all other fields, other than the Deployment Date, and Comments field will be read only.

Once the appropriate CCID for a change registration request has been located, make the required changes or comments, and press either the Submit registration or the Add draft button.

If you have saved a Change Registered System request as a DRAFT and need to modify that draft before submitting the registration request, select the checkbox Show Draft and Submitted and highlight the appropriate draft entry. If you are unsure of what changes to this draft request have already been made, press the View Changes button. This functionality will show the differences between the fields of the draft registration request and what is contained within the database.

In the example below, one field of the draft registration request has been modified and saved. These field values differ from what is currently saved within the database.

When the draft Change Registered System request is ready to be submitted, highlight the appropriate row in the Show Draft and Submitted list and press the Submit registration button. The Registration Status will be changed from DRAFT to Submitted and an RFS ticket will be created. Any changes to the submitted request can be made through the Modify registration button or through the RFS ticket shown on the System Registration Ticket tab.

Removing Registered System request – only those registered systems that are associated with one of your Remedy Groups can be submitted as a removal. Follow the above outlined process in locating the appropriate CCID, select the appropriate Registration State, enter any comments, and press either the Add draft or Submit registration buttons.

Data Verification – During the Submit registration process you may encounter a request to verify key information for the CI associated with the request. This request will only appear if certain key field values are missing or may be in conflict with other field values. Make any necessary changes, verify that the information is correct, and press the “Accept/Close” button.

Making Direct Field Changes – Not all changes to a CI require a System Registration request. Select the checkbox Show Registered Systems, a list of your managed CIs will be displayed. Select the appropriate entry in the list and fields that can be directly updated will become editable. Make the appropriate changes in these fields and then press the “Save Updates” button. A “Configuration Item Update” message will appear telling you that your updates were saved. These changes are made directly to the CI table and do not require a registration request to be submitted.

The ITS-System Registration application will continue to undergo modifications as organization workflow and issues are identified and resolved.