Mathematical and Statistical Application – Mathematica – Installation – Windows network licenses

Using the license servers of UNC

If you plan to install Mathematica on an Microsoft Windows Server on the UNC-CH campus, we strongly recommend that you use the license servers of Research Computing,, to get licenses to run Mathematica. As long as your server is connected to the UNC-CH network, you can use this server for checking out Mathematica licenses.

  • Install Mathematica on your server using these Wolfram’s instructions. At step 4, you will be given the option to enter license information. Choose Network License and enter as the name of the server running a Mathematica license manager. After you do this, the license information will be saved in the mathpass file in the Configuration/Licensing directory of your Mathematica installation directory.
  • More information on the mathpass file by Wolfram.
  • At this point, Mathematica successfully runs, but the Online Help may not from a given client. If this is the case, on affected clients run Rebuild Help Index from the Help menu.

Installing your own license server

If for some reason, you cannot use the license servers of UNC for your licenses, you will need to install the Mathematica License Manager software, MathLM, on you Microsoft Windows host.

  • Install the Mathematica License Manager software, MathLM, on the machine that will serve as the license server. That is often the same machine as the one on which Mathematica is being installed. An installation media labeled Network Mathematica for Windows is needed to install MathLM. For detailed instructions, see Wolfram’s Installing MathLM for details.
  • Once the installation is complete, you can install Mathematica as a MathLM client by following these Wolfram’s instructions.
  • Licenses for Mathematica expires annually. If you set up your own license server, you must contact UNC Software Acquisitions office for updated information regarding Mathematica licenses.

Alternative methods of running Mathematica

Mathematica may be installed standalone locally using instructions provided by the installation CD. Mathematica is also available for use on Research Computing servers Killdevil. More information of alternative methods can be found on this Mathematica application webpage.

Additional help

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