Mobile Print for Android FAQ

Yes, the app is available in the Google Play Store here.
Yes, allowable file size is 52.4MB

Mobile Print will notify you if your file exceeds the size limit or is an unsupported file type.

















Mobile Print supports Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio and Publisher documents; along with Adobe PDF, Text files (CSV, RTF & TXT), Images (JPG, TIFF, GIF, BMP) and Open Office 4.0+ documents.

















Yes, you can print a webpage from your Android phone, but first you need to save it as a PDF. While on the webpage you want to print, from the browser menu select “Print” then “Save as PDF”.

After the PDF is saved to your phone, you can use the Pharos Print app to upload the file.

First, verify that you have installed the Microsoft OneDrive app (or Google Drive, Dropbox) and logged into it.
Then in the Pharos Print App “Upload”
Under “Choose an action”, select “Documents”
Press the Menu icon (displayed as ☰) – icon consisting of three parallel horizontal lines
Then select OneDrive (Google Drive, Dropbox).

Yes, but first you must save the file to your Downloads folder. Once the file is saved to your Downloads folder, it is now ready to be uploaded from the Pharos Print App.

Yes, after you have uploaded your document to the Pharos Print app select the documents you want to print in color and select the “Print options” tab located on the bottom right of the page.  There you can select “Color” and other print options.

















Only the full document can be printed from Mobile Print.  Please use the desktop client located here if you need more print options.
Chromebooks can only upload files from Google Drive and locally downloaded files.