\\myfiles.unc.edu — Connect from Windows 7 (NAS)


ITS offers a Network Attached Storage (NAS) file storage solution. The service is hosted on \\myfiles.unc.edu. Full time faculty and staff can subscribe to the service. They receive a personal allocation of 10 GB. (Please note: 2 GB is reserved for snapshots)

To Subscribe to the Service

Users subscribe to the service via the https://onyen.unc.edu website. For documentation on the subscription process, please see the Help Document: https://help.unc.edu/help/getting-started-on-myfiles-unc-edu-nas/.

To Access

Connect to \\myfiles.unc.edu

From Windows 7 – Click the Start icon and enter \\myfiles.unc.edu in the Search box.

If you are already authenticated to ad.unc.edu, your credentials will pass through and you will not be prompted for credentials. If you are not already authenticated to ad.unc.edu, you will be prompted for credentials. For username – use ad\onyen and then enter your onyen password.

A Windows Explorer window will open. There are shares labeled a thru z. User personal directories are sorted by the first character of the Onyen. There is also a special share that is dynamically created for the user. The share is named to match the Onyen. In the example below, user “caison” is logged onto the server. Notice the share called “caison”.

To map a drive

Right Click “Computer” and select “Map Network Drive”.

For the “Folder” entry, enter \\myfiles.unc.edu\onyen replacing “onyen” with your username.


For other questions or problems, please send email to ITS-SYSTEMS.