OneDrive – Getting Started


Microsoft OneDrive is one of the features offered as part of the Microsoft Office 365 Collaboration Suite. The service is available to faculty, staff and students. ITS is currently working with campus IT partners to finalize the design of the service. The current plan is to enable faculty and staff access to OneDrive as their Exchange mailboxes are migrated to Office 365. This work will run through July 2017. Access is available to most students today. Students with access to sensitive data will be granted access in parallel with faculty and staff.

What is OneDrive?

Microsoft OneDrive is one of many features available under the Office365 campus agreement with Microsoft. OneDrive is presented to campus as two different services:

  • Individual OneDrive is a 1 terabyte (TB) storage offering available to individuals.
  • Office 365 Groups for Business is designed to offer collaborative work spaces. OneDrive is a key component of these groups. Departments can create and manage their own groups and the associated OneDrive space. The long term goal is for this service to offset the use of the campus NAS services.

Login to OneDrive from a web browser

Access OneDrive from your web browser:

Alternatively, you can connect to and select the OneDrive icon.

For additional help including screenshots, please visit and select the OneDrive tab.

OneDrive for Individuals

After login, the default view will be your Individual OneDrive:


For here more information about the use of OneDrive for Individuals from a web browser.

OneDrive for Groups

Under the Groups section in the left hand column, you will see the groups where you have be granted membership.  Click any of the groups and that view will open in a new tab:


Selecting the group “ITS Office 365 Demo” above opens this OneDrive for Business group view in a new tab:


Links to training and help documents:

If you need assistance with these instructions, contact us via one of the Other ITS Help Options.

Microsoft Documentation
Check out Microsoft’s Support Site for Office 365 ( Microsoft also has some great training videos you can watch to become familiar with using Office 365 applications. Please visit the Office Training Center