Online Application Troubleshooting Steps

If you experience any of these error types: Error Reference Number, missing data from drop-down, or failure to submit your application; please follow the steps below.

  1. Sign out of your online application and please visit: How to Clear Cache and Cookies.
  2. Close all web browsers after clearing cache and cookies (step 1).
  3. Reopen your web browser and log back into the ConnectCarolina portal.
  4. Go back to the section of the application where the error reference number appeared
  5. attempt to complete that section of the application.
  6. NEVER click the Back button on your web browser; this will cause data loss.
  7. The recommended internet browsers are Internet ExplorerMozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Note: ITS does not recommend the use of Safari. Some ConnectCarolina functions may work, others may not. If issues are encountered, please switch to another browser.
  8. If trying an alternate web browser does not work, reboot your computer, go to the ConnectCarolina portal and continue your application.
Still need help? Contact the ITS Service Desk. Please provide the error reference number in your communication.