Online Campus Directory – Getting Started

General Information

The UNC Campus Directory site includes a search function, update capabilities for personal information, a reporting function for updates, general information on privacy settings and features, and help documentation.

The following documentation is designed to provide assistance with the update functions included on the site.

The information in the directory reflects data compiled from a variety of administrative systems of record, including the Human Resource Information System (HRIS) and the UNC Payroll System. Information in the directory is refreshed continually to reflect new and updated information entered in these systems.

In addition, changes made to personal information using the Update Personal Information link in the UNC Portal site are transmitted back to those administrative systems and are coordinated with the printed campus directory. Some transmittals are immediate; others take place overnight.

Searching the Directory

The UNC Campus Directory provides telephone, address, URL, and e-mail information about the faculty, staff, and students of UNC-Chapel Hill. Searches can be performed on name, Onyen, personal identification number (PID), department or a combination of these items.

Update Options

Employees, Students and Affiliates who select the Update Personal Information link will go directly into the update form with their personal information. HR Facilitators also have the option to edit entries for people in their departments.

Updating Your Own Directory Information

1. Go to

Click the button labeled Sign In.

2. Enter your Onyen and Password.

3. Click the link labeled Update Personal Information to access your own directory information.

4. You will obtain this page:

Use this page to perform the following tasks:

  • Provide a Preferred First, Middle and Last Name
  • Select your Preference for Receiving Mass Email
  • Enter a personal Home Page URL
  • Provide or change your Email Address
  • Add, Update, or Delete an Address
  • Add, Update, or Delete a Phone Number

Note, Employees cannot delete their primary Business Address and Phone.

5. When you are finished, click the button labeled SAVE (in the lower right-hand corner of the page) to save your changes or click the button labeled CANCEL (in the lower right-hand corner of the page) to cancel your changes.

6. Please close your browser to ensure that all of your single sign-on sessions are closed.