Online Help Request

The Online Help Request application has been re-designed with help and feedback from the campus community. Please view the following screenshots for more information on the new features of the Online Help Request application.

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Search feature:

The new Search feature streamlines the request creation process by providing customers with a quick way to find the help they need. 


1 - Home Page


Navigating through search results:

You can type terms such as “Sakai”, “Onyen”, “ConnectCarolina”, etc. and the application will show you related categories. Once you select one of these categories, the “New Request” screen will appear, with most of the request information already selected for you.

2 - Search

New Request:

Features included in the New Request screen include:

  • The ability to create requests on behalf of someone else.

  • The ability to store your selections so the next time you log in you can go directly to a New Request (By clicking on “New” at the top menu) and your last set of options will be selected for you.

  • The ability to add attachments to your request.

3 - New Request

View your Open/Solved Requests:

The Open Requests screen will allow you to view requests that have not been resolved yet. The Solved Requests screen will allow you to view all your solved requests for the past 6 months.

In both screens you will see requests created by you and requests you created on behalf of someone else. These will be identified by the icons on the right side of the results list. You will be able to click on the Request number and it will display a detailed view of that particular request. 

4 - View Open Requests