Onyen & Guest IDs

What is an Onyen

An Onyen is a UNC-Chapel Hill campus-wide identifier that allows access to various electronic resources on campus. Onyen is an acronym for the Only Name You’ll Ever Need.

Who is eligible for an Onyen.

All members of the UNC-Chapel Hill campus community, including faculty, staff, and students, are eligible for an Onyen.

Recently admitted students are eligible for an Onyen.

If eligible, how do I create an Onyen?

Go to onyen.unc.edu and select the icon. On the Onyen Services site click on Create an Onyen link on the left. To create an Onyen, you must know your PID (personal identification number). If you do not know your PID number, you can follow these PID lookup instructions.

What is a Guest ID?

A Guest ID is temporary guest account provided by UNC-Chapel Hill to visitors, former students, or persons of interest at the University who are not eligible to create an Onyen.

  • This ID is a web portal login that may be used to access applications, content and more.
  • This ID offers limited access compared to an Onyen ID. Individuals who have an Onyen ID do not need a Guest ID and should use their Onyen to access online content at UNC.
Your Guest ID is your personal email address.

Who can create a Guest ID?

Anyone who does not already have an active Onyen or an active affiliation at UNC-Chapel Hill is eligible for a Guest ID account.

Examples of these persons may include the following:

  • Campus visitors/tourists
  • Prospective students
  • Conference/meeting guests
  • Anyone with interest in the University who is not already affiliated (or has not been affiliated in the past)
  • A person who does not have an Onyen and who has been invited by a current student to be a proxy for access to non-billing student services.
  • Alumna/Alumnus or former students

If eligible, how do I create a Guest ID?

If you are an alumna/alumnus, former employee, or former student, please visit the following link to create your Guest ID: Alumni/Former Employee Guest ID Registration.

For others, please visit the following link to create your Guest ID: Registration.

What should I do if I registered for my Guest ID but never received an email to create a password?

Please check your spam or junk folders to ensure a message from ‘UNC-Chapel Hill Account Registration’ has not been received. You may also contact the ITS Service Desk.

How do I change or reset the password for my Guest ID?

If you know your current password, to wish to change it, please visit Change Guest ID Password site.

If you do not know your current password and wish to request a new Guest ID password, please visit Reset Password for UNC Guest ID.

Who should I contact with questions regarding my Guest ID?

Please contact the ITS Service Desk.