Package Space Applications – lsof


lsof is an administrative tool that displays information about files open to Unix processes. It was written by Vic Abell from Purdue University.

The package consists of a binary file (lsof) and a man page ( lsof (1) ).

  • lsof is the executable a user runs to issue commands. It is documented on the lsof(1) man page. It lives in bin.
  • The man page lives in share/man.
  • When run as root, lsof displays information about all open files. When run as an individual user, lsof displays information about that user’s open files.


If you have not already done so, install the its-release package that grants access to ITS’s yum repository.

Then install as follows:

        % sudo yum install lsof-unc

Files are installed in /opt/unc.


The latest version available is lsof 4.91. Vendor release date: March 26, 2018.

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This package can be managed using the lpm command.

% lpm load lsof

will set the PATH and MANPATH environment variables so that the lsof binaries, libraries, and manpage can be accessed.