Package Space Applications


ITS Global Systems Support offers a wide variety of software packages for downloading to a desktop or server.

The following operating systems are supported:

  • Linux 7
  • Linux 6
  • Mac OS X 10.14

Linux applications are stored as rpms on the Red Hat Satellite Server.

Mac applications are stored as .dmg files in a local repository.

Linux Packages can be managed using the Local Package Manager command.

Selecting any of the packages below will lead you to a document provided by the ITS Global Systems Support group.

The instructions given to run these packages assume a familiarity with Linux or MacOS operating systems, as appropriate.

If there is a software package, utility, or tool which is not listed but which would help your work, please send email to ITS-SYSTEMS and we will consider providing it.

Packages Available by Operating System

Package Operating System
Mac Linux
ansible X
arpack-ng X
aspell X
autoconf X
bolder X
boost X
c_icap-psoft X
clamav X
cmake X
curl X
cxxtest X
elxocmcore X
emacs  X X
fftw X
flang X
fltk X
freefem++ X
freefem++-cs X
freeradius X
freetds X
gcc X
gmp X
gnuplot X
gsl X
hdf X
hdf5 X
heimdal X
imagemagick X
its-release X
its-testing-release X
lastpass-cli X
libevent X
libtool X
llvm X
log4shib X
lpm X
lsof X
m4 X
mod_qos X
netpbm X
octave X
opensaml X
oracle-client X
Package Operating System
Mac Linux
perl X
perlmodules X
postgis X
python X
python3 X

QConvergeConsole CLI

qhull X
rcs X
sas X
shibboleth-sp X
splunkforwarder  X X
subversion X
SuiteSparse X
texlive X X
thl-release X
tmux X
vim  X X
xerces-c X
xml-security-c X
xmltooling X