Password Change Checklist (List of Onyen-Authenticated Services)

Changing your Onyen password does not automatically change the password for all the other services you may access from your computer. You may have used the same password for other services, such as logging onto your computer, logging into your departmental server, the campus calendar system, or even or eBay. You need to decide whether you want to change one or more of those passwords to match your new Onyen password. For a list of other services with passwords that you might want or need to change, and any instructions on how to change many of them, see below.

  • Some services automatically use your new Onyen password.
  • Other services will require you to manually change your password.
  • Not all campus services are listed below. A good rule of thumb is, if a service specifically asks for your “Onyen” and “Onyen Password”, then it will be automatically updated with your new password.
Service Checklist
Service Automatic Password Change? More Information
Heelmail – Office 365 Email and Calendaring Yes
Mobile Devices (iOS, Android, Windows, etc) No Please go to your devices’ settings and update the password.
Windows Login No
Windows Domain Login (AD) Yes
Campus Computer Labs Yes ITS Teaching and Learning Computer Labs
Carolina Events Calendar No
Class Registration Yes
E-Pay/Electronic Pay Stub Yes
HTTPS Web Access Yes No
PGP Whole Disk Encryption No
RACF Password Maintenance Page Yes
Radius Server Yes
Remedy Yes
SSH/SFTP Secure Shell Yes
TIM (Time Information Management) System Yes
UNC Shareware site Yes
Sakai Yes
Virtual Lab (ITS Labs) Yes
Virtual Computing Lab (VCL – Research Computing) Yes