Registering a Non-UNC Domain Name

UNC will support hosting ‘non-UNC.EDU’ domains on campus DNS servers if these domains are for UNC related departments and organizations and comply with the following UNC policies as well as the following:

Then take the following steps to register your non-UNC.EDU domain:

  • You must first reserve and register your domain at a registration vendor (registrar) like Network Solutions, GoDaddy  or a similar provider. There will be a charge for registering and maintaining your domain registration.
  • You will need to provide an administrative, billing and technical contact on the registration form. Complete the administrative and billing contact information as appropriate for our organization:
    • Organization: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
      (UNC-DOM)ITS CB#1150 440 W. Franklin Street
      Chapel Hill, NC 27599-1150, USA
      Domain Name: UNC.EDU
    • Administrative Contact: Your name and email address
      The University of North Carolina
      Your department and CB number
      Chapel Hill, NC 27599, USA
      Your phone number
      Your FAX number, if applicable
    • Billing Contact: Your departmental or organization billing information
  • Use the information listed below to complete the technical contact and DNS server part of the form.
Please note: The NIC Handle (UH1409-ORG) is exclusively for use at Network Solutions. Other registration services may require or provide a different code for the technical contact. If a new handle is needed you should include this information with your pending domain request.
  • The information below should also be used to update the registrations of domains being transferred to UNC from another hosting site. 
Technical Contact:
UNC Hostmaster (UH1409-ORG)
The University of North Carolina
ITS CB#1150 440 W. Franklin Street
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3420, USA
(919) 962-6503
FAX (919) 445-0400Domain servers in listed order:


  • Create a brief description of how your new domain will server the mission of The University of North Carolina and save it as a text file.
  • Attach this description along with any IP address or hostname that will be associated with your domain and submit your request using the campus Remedy System,
    or as an Online Help Request if you do not have an ONYEN or access to Remedy you can use these tips to help direct your request to the correct department for service.


  • Be sure to list UNC Hostmaster as technical contact for all domains to be hosted in campus DNS.
  • if you have listed ‘’ in any ‘’ domains you may currently have registered, please remove it from the list