Remedy 7.6.04 Installation Guide

Remedy 7.6.04  Installation Guide

  • The Remedy Desktop Client is no longer officially supported and will stop functioning under the next version of Remedy. If possible, please use the web client ( instead.

First back up all .arr and .arq files if you have saved Macros and reports. Once the new client is installed you can replace these into the /arcmds folder. In order to find the proper folder, go to Tools- Options- General Tab and look at the “Search Path:”

Next , uninstall the older version of your client.

Submit a ticket to request 7.6.04 SP4 client and unzip the folder.

Double click the “ ARSuiteKitClient” folder and double click the “Disk 1” folder. Double click the Setup.cmd, Windows Command Script (this may take a moment).

The command script will run and start the installation process. Note that Windows 7 will sometimes ask you if you want to run this application, so check your Task Bar for the Window’s pop up User Account Control.

You will probably see a Firewall warning. Click Allow Access to continue.

Click Next.

Select “I agree to the terms of the license agreement.” Click Next.

Click Next.

Accept the defaults as shown. Click Next.

Ignore this message and click Next.

Accept Home Directory. Click Next.

Accept English and click Next.

Click Install. The installation will take a few minutes.

Click Done.

Click “This program installed correctly”.

If you have never installed Remedy on this particular machine, you will need to add the server. Please follow the instructions below if you get this error.

First add your onyen to the User Name field so that the Accounts button becomes available.

Click the Accounts button.

Click the Add button.

Type in into the space under Server and 49100 under TCP then click OK.

You can then login.