Research Computing: Getting Started


ITS Research Computing offers a number of computing resources for researchers at UNC-Chapel Hill. Among these are an 8000 core Linux cluster (KillDevil); a 6,496 cores Linux cluster (Longleaf). If you are new to Linux, this document will be helpful when starting out on any of the above research computing servers Linux: Getting Started.

An Onyen is required to get an account on any of the Research Computing servers. If you already have an Onyen, you can request access to these servers by visiting the Onyen Services page and selecting Subscribe to Services. Accounts on these servers are primarily available to faculty, staff, and graduate students. Undergraduate students needing access should follow the instructions in the Research Accounts section of the Onyen Policy document.

Access to the Virtual Computing Lab (VCL) does not require subscribing to services. To use this service you only need an Onyen and an internet connection. In addition, faculty and researchers who want Oracle database services do not need to go through subscribe to services.

Additional Help

New users of our services should read the following documents to get started. Select from among the following links to learn about various services provided by the Research Computing division.

Getting Started on KillDevil

Getting Started on VCL (Virtual Computing Lab)

Getting Started on Database Services

Training courses are regularly offered by Research Computing staff members. Click this website to enroll.