Sending a print job to the CCI Printing Station

You can use your personal computer, or a mobile device to send print jobs to the CCI print stations. You can submit documents to print from anywhere and pick them up in any of the CCI Print Stations across campus. (Note: the residence hall locations are restricted to those residents only.)  Mobile print can be used from a laptop, or a mobile device.  For more information on using mobile print please click here.  The steps below show how to send a CCI print job using the CCI printing software available for install on your computer.


How do I print using the pharos client on my computer?

You’ll need a valid ONYEN, a campus network connection and the CCI Printing Client installed on your computer. For help installing the CCI printing application, please click here.

What do I do after I install the CCI Printing Client on my laptop?

To submit a print job to the ITS print stations, please follow the steps below:

1. Select the document you’d like to print by going to File > Print .

2. Choose CCI_Printing from the drop down menu next to Name:
Click OK.

4. Enter your ONYEN and a name for your print job into the Pharos pop-up.

Your document will be sent to the CCI print stations, and you will have one hour to retrieve it.

What do I do once I’m at a CCI Print Station?

1. Go to a Release Station next to any printer, and log in with your ONYEN.

D:\My Documents\Downloads\repharosscreenshots\2 - Identifying Yourself.gif


2. Select your print job, and click “Print.” NOTE: You must have put your ONYEN in the Pharos pop-up for the job to show up in your ONYEN’s queue.

D:\My Documents\Downloads\repharosscreenshots\4 - Releasing Print Jobs.gif

3. Take note of available remaining funds, and take your document from the printer. Log off the release station.

Where can I print?

Please see for more information about ITS printing, including printing locations.

Does it matter which CCI print station I visit to retrieve my document?

No, you can go to any of the locations listed above to release and print your document. Residence hall locations are restricted to residents only.

Do I need to take my personal computer with me when I pick up my printed document?

No, you will not need your laptop to release/print your document once you are at the ITS print stations.

How long will my print job stay in the print queue at the release station?

One hour and then it will automatically be deleted.

Can I install CCI Printing on a non-Windows based laptop?

Yes, in addition to Windows XP, Windows 7 and Vista 32bit and 64bit machines, CCI Printing can be installed on Mac OS X. See this guide.

Can I submit a print job from off-campus?

The CCI Printing program currently supports on-campus and virtual lab use only.

How do I uninstall the CCI Printing application?

To follow a full document on the software uninstaller, please look here.

Where can I find more general information about CCI Printing (Pharos) on campus?

Please view this site for more information.