Sending Email Without SMTP Authentication

Email automatically generated through servers, workstations or printer/scanner/fax machines can be sent through UNC’s email system without requiring SMTP authentication. As of 12/19/2013, the need to register machines to add them to the whitelist will no longer be required. All machines which send email through the sub-net ranges listed here (except for UNC Guest access) will be able to relay through this service.

To use, the following settings must be configured:

  • Outgoing mail server name:
  • SMTP server port: 25
  • SMTP authentication: Do NOT enable

Also, here are a few more changes that are being implemented for the service:

  • This mail stream is now being scanned for spam and viruses.
  • User and machine mail streams are being separated so that machine mail reputation rankings and blacklisting will not affect delivery of user email and vice versa.
  • Messages destined for UNC addresses should arrive faster now via a dedicated Exchange connector.
  • Messages destined for non-UNC addresses will route through DNS as usual.