Set up dial-in or PSTN conferencing for Skype for Business

There is annual service charge for this service, please visit Software Acquisitions Office Microsoft Products page for more details and to be able to place the order.


The following is a step by step process to add PSTN conferencing to a Skype meeting.  Here we will use the Outlook Web App (  The Outlook desktop client may look only slightly different.

The following will be a step by step process to add PSTN conferencing to a skype session.  The outlook web app ( and outlook are slightly different.

Outlook Web App Process (

  1. Open your outlook calendar and select the day from the month you would like for the Skype meeting.
  2. Right click the day of the meeting and select “New”.
  3. Enter the details of the meeting including the name of the meeting, location, start date and time and meeting stop date and time. All day and Private are options as well.  Other controls for the meeting can be set too like Repeats if the meeting will be a regularly scheduled meeting along with reminders for the meeting.  Additional notes about the meeting can be entered in to the text box below the details.
  4. To Add the Skype option to the meeting click on the tab at the top labled “Skype Meeting” and then “Add Skype Meeting” .
  5. The Conference Phone number and the conference ID will auto populate in the text box of Outlook. This is part of having the license.  Note:  the Conference ID will differ from meeting to meeting.
  6. Adding attendees to the Skype meetings easily done through the “People” field. The Attendees onyen, last name, first name, email or parts there of will search names of attendees you want to add to the meeting.
  7. Hit the  “Send” tab  to send out the invite to the meeting.
  8. Finally we see our meeting appear in the outlook calendar.

Outlook Client on the desktop

The following will be a step by step process to add PSTN conferencing to a Skype session.  The outlook client is slightly different that the web app.

  1. While in the Outlook Calendar tab select the “New Skype Meeting” tab.
  2. In the “To” field add the onyen or email of those you want to attend the Skype meeting. Fill in the rest of the details for date and time. The Phone number and Conference ID will auto populate for the skype meeting.  Hit the send button to complete the meeting.
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