Microsoft Teams – Getting Started


Microsoft Teams is one of the features offered as part of the Microsoft Office 365 Collaboration Suite. The service is available to faculty, staff and students.

What are Teams?

Teams is a single application that brings together your team’s conversations, meetings, files, and notes to facilitate collaboration.
Microsoft has published a lot of helpful content to help get you started:

How do I access Teams?

Access Teams from your web browser:
Click the Teams icon (circled in red below). The Teams application will open in your browser. At the top of the application you will see an option to Download the desktop application. We recommend downloading it as there are more features and functions in the desktop version of Teams.


If you are not a member of any Teams, you will see this welcome screen:


If you are a member of a Team, the view changes slightly.  Your Teams will be listed.  Example circled in red:


How are Teams and  Office 365 Groups related?

Teams are tied to Groups.  All Teams must have an Office 365 Group but Groups do not require Teams.  It is suggested that you create Teams for your Groups to get the added functionality.

How do I add a Team to an existing Group?

Instructions can be found here: How to add a Team to an existing Office 365 Group

Links to training and help documents:

If you need assistance with these instructions, contact us via one of the Other ITS Help Options.

Microsoft Documentation
Check out Microsoft’s Support Site for Office 365 ( Microsoft also has some great training videos you can watch to become familiar with using Office 365 applications. Please visit the Office Training Center.