Ten Ways to Keep Your eSanity with eMail

1. Think twice before sending messages and when reading messages you receive.

2. Choose short, meaningful subject headings.

3. Separate major points into different messages.

4. Before forwarding a message, consider if the sender would want it forwarded.

5. Before forwarding a message that asks you to forward it to everyone you know, consider if the content is a hoax, a virus, or a phishing expedition.

6. Copy only the people who need to be copied (either carbon copies or blind carbon copies).

7. If you’re angry, sick, or tired, be especially careful about how you write messages and how you read them.

8. Be aware of what jargon you’re using; will the message recipient understand?

9. Judiciously include the text of the message to which you’re replying.

10. Consider whether the content of a message you are sending is best handled by email or if a phone call or face-to-face conversation might be better.