Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM)

Tivoli Storage Manager (commonly abbreviated TSM) is an enterprise-level software suite that provides data backup and restoration service for departmental servers.  As of July 2010, ITS Open Systems group back up over 800 different client machines across UNC-Chapel Hill.

(NOTE: Effective November 2011 — Default data retention for new TSM nodes is 30 days/3 versions. ITS is working with customers to transition existing clients to this new retention policy.)

If you are a new user of our services, you will need to complete the following steps to setup TSM backups for your machine:

1. Contact the ITS Open Systems group to discuss your backup needs by sending email to ITS-SYSTEMS. Include the following information for each client:

Client IP:                                                                                            

Client DNS:                                                                                       

Client Node Name:                                                                            

Client VLAN (number):                                                                    

SAI Registered?                                                                                 

TSM Domain/Dept:                                                                           

Machine Brand:                                                                                 

Estimated Backup Size:                                                                     

Primary Contact:                                                                               

Secondary Contact:                                                                          


( Below is a sample node request:

Client IP:                                                                      

Client DNS: VMUPDATE.AD.UNC.EDU                                      

Client Node Name:  VMUPDATE.AD                                             

Client VLAN (number): 2195                                                           

SAI Registered?: YES OR NO                                                          

TSM Domain/Dept: ITS-DIS                                                            

Estimated Backup Size: C: 360 GB   D: 1T                                      

Primary Contact: fredj@email.unc.edu                                           

Secondary Contact: fred_jones@unc.edu  )


2. Add the ITS-Backup VLAN ( to any firewalls (hardware, software, and OS), intrusion prevention systems, and other intermediate security devices you have under your control that are relevant to client machine you wish to backup. For daily operations and problem diagnosis, the backup servers must be able to contact 1501 & 1581/TCP on your machines and your machines must be able to contact 1500/TCP on the backup servers. You should also enable both incoming and outgoing ICMP Echo (“ping”) traffic.

3. Select the TSM download appropriate for your machine’s OS and architecture and select the latest patched version from the Tivoli-Storage-Management TSM patches downloads directory.

4. If your machine’s OS is not listed in the above directory, retrieve the download from the TSM maintenance downloads directory.

5. Install the TSM client. This process varies depending on platform but it should generally be straight-forward for an administrator accustomed to installing software on the client operating system. For more information on the TSM backup client installation or configuration, see the IBM documentation:  https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/community/wikis/home?lang=en#!/wiki/Tivoli%20Storage%20Manager/page/Version%207.1.1%20PDF%20files%20of%20IBM%20Tivoli%20Storage%20Manager%20documentati

6. Configure the TSM client software. ITS Open Systems will provide you with the requisite information for your machine. At the very least, this information will consist of the following three items. Do not attempt to guess this information.

The “node name”: this is the name of the machine’s backup account on the TSM servers.

The “server address”: this is the full host name of the server your machine will connect to for backups.

The “node password”: the password for your machine’s backup account.

7. The TSM environment at UNC requires the following options to be set in order for clients to function properly. On Windows, these options are placed inside of the Client Options file usually found at C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\baclient\dsm.opt; on other platforms, these options are placed inside of the System Options file usually found at /opt/tivoli/tsm/client/ba/bin/dsm.sys.

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8. Once TSM is properly set up on your system, perform a manual backup of your client. Contact the ITS Open Systems group to place it on a nightly backup schedule.

For further information or help send email to ITS-SYSTEMS.