UNC-CH Spam Filtering Service FAQ

Why am I not seeing any messages in my Quarantine?

Either you haven’t chosen one of the quarantine policies, or you have, but no messages have been quarantined yet. The spam filtering service scores most messages on the very high or very low end of the score scale. It may be a few days after changing to one of the quarantine policies before you see a quarantined message.

Can I completely opt-out of the spam scanning service?

No, but you can choose a different policy that will give you access to all messages sent to you, spam, and not spam. This is achieved by choosing either the Tag and Forward, or Extended Quarantine policies. For information on how to change your policy, click here.

Can I use this service with the campus list server?

While not available yet, the spam scanning service will be enabled on the UNC Listserver in the near future.

What is a safelist? How do I use it and my blocked senders list?

A blocked senders list is a list of “bad” addresses or domains, a safelist is a list of “good” – or known – addresses or domains. You can have a list of these that alter how mail is delivered to you. For information on how to use these lists, click here.

Can I make it so mail from my friend always gets through?

Yes. You would add their address to your safelist.

Can I make it so mail from some domains don't come to me?

Yes. You would add this domain to your blocked senders list.

Why is some spam still getting through?

Spam is a moving target, and fighting spam is a very difficult prospect. Often a spam gets through, but has a score. You might examine the headers of this spam to see if it did get scored, and if so possibly adjust your policy .

Can I block spams with the same subject line or based on words in it?

We do not offer server-side rule writing based on these criteria at this time. It will certainly be something we explore in the future, as we upgrade our email system. You may be able to achieve this by setting a local filter in your email client. See the documentation for your particular email client for information on how to accomplish this.

I suspect the spam filtering software is blocking my legitimate mail. What can I do?

ITS’s anti-spam solution is effective, but not perfect. We have seen a small number of instances where a legitimate message receives a spam score of 100 and is discarded as spam. If you believe that you are not receiving messages that you should, you have several options available to you, listed here.