UNC Linux Guides


There are many distributions and flavors of Linux available today, which can sometimes make it hard to find client software for a particular platform. However, many of the IT services on campus can be used within a Linux environment if a person is willing to invest time on installation and configuration. The guides below can help Linux users at UNC get started, secure their systems and connect to some key campus services.

Some of the documents may refer to configurations that are not guaranteed to be support by ITS. When in doubt, please go ahead and call 962-HELP for assistance. However, be aware that when using any unsupported configuration you assume some risk.

The Guides

For starters, here are some general Linux and UNIX guides:

Here are some guides to connecting to campus services:

These are some fee-based Linux and UNIX services provided by ITS:


These guides were written by both ITS staff and readers of this site. If you are interested in documenting some Linux configuration steps for your platform, please get involved and provide a guide to your fellow Linux users.

The best way to get involved is to join a group of Linux users on campus and coordinate your efforts. The Carolina Open Source Initiative (COSI) is a student organization that has started writing guides, especially for the Ubuntu distribution, known as the UNCbuntu project. There is also a UNC Linux Users Group mailing list.