Uninstalling the VPN Client in Mac OS X

Uninstalling the VPN Client for Mac OS X

You must have administrator privileges to uninstall the VPN Client. If you do not have administrator privileges, you must have someone with administrator privileges uninstall the product for you. The VPN Client uninstall script uninstalls any previous command-line or GUI versions of the VPN Client from your workstation.

To uninstall the VPN Client for Mac OS X:

1. Open a terminal window.

2. Run the following command:

sudo /opt/cisco/vpn/bin/vpn_uninstall.sh

3. Enter your password.

4. You are prompted to remove all profiles and certificates.

  • If you answer yes, all binaries, startup scripts, certificates, profiles, and any directories that were created during the installation process are removed.
  • If you answer no, all binaries and startup scripts are removed, but certificates, profiles, and the vpnclient.ini file remain.

Reinstalling the client:

Refer to these instructions for information on reinstalling the Cisco VPN Client. This document requires Onyen authentication.