Using Sakai to host a personal website

All Sakai@UNC users have a Home site with its own Resources area for sharing and storage of up to 2 GBs of files. An individual’s Resources area is a good choice for hosting personal portfolios and web sites.

By default, materials are private to the owner, but can be made publicly accessible and links to it shared with intended audiences. Sakai content is not indexed by Google or other search engines.

1. Log into Go to Home > Resources.

2. Creating a separate folder for your web site files is recommended. To do that, click the Actions dropdown next to the My Workspace folder, and choose Create Folders.

3. Enter a folder name (e.g., your website’s name), and click Create Folders Now.

4. Next to your new folder, click the Actions dropdown and choose Upload Files.

5. Open the folder on your computer with your HTML, CSS and image files. Drag all these files into the upload window. Click Continue at bottom of page.

6. Click the Actions dropdown next to your new folder, and choose Edit Details. Check This folder and its contents are publicly viewable. Then scroll and copy the web address for the folder. Finally, click Update.

7. Paste the copied url into email or another avenue for sharing it with your audience.

Interested in learning how to create websites? The Undergraduate Library offers regularly-scheduled workshops. Online, on-demand training is available via UNC-CH’s sign-in.