Vonage phone FAQ for ITS

Vonage phone FAQ for ITS

Vonage manufactures a telephone that connects through any standard RJ-45 data link port.

Although Vonage is not a supported service, it is essentially an IP device and so it is possible to connect Vonage enabled phones to the network.

The Hardware address of the Vonage device will need to be registered with the DHCP server before it will work.

Vonage devices that act as a router are not permitted because of existing networking policy that disallows private routers on the campus network.

The real problem is that there are only enough active data ports in dorm rooms for each student to connect one machine at a given time. One solution is to tell the people to get a US Robotics model USR7905 5 port switch. This is the same switch that ResNET used last year when connections had to be provided for multiple people in the apartment housing.

The switch has one inbound port and 4 outbound ports. To use simply connect the switch to the wall (since it is a switch, it does not need to be registered) and then connect the computer and Vonage device to the switch.