Web Accessibility

UNC-Chapel Hill is committed to providing a usable, functional Web experience for all users. Nothing in the design or programming should impede the ability of users to navigate and access content.  The University’s homepage, www.unc.edu, was created with several features designed to make it accessible, and they are described in the next section on Tips for Accessing www.unc.edu. Web developers can also find resources and tools toward the bottom of this page.

Tips for Accessing www.unc.edu

Consider using the following methods to improve your experience:

  • Turn off the background image. The switch, labeled Background Off, is in the upper right corner of the page.
  • Increase the text size. The text-size changer is on the far right side, below the Athletics link.
  • Check your browser for any features that will help access content.
  • Use access keys, which will Access keys enable you to navigate this website using your keyboard. Windows users can navigate with the access keys typing ALT+Access key. Mac users will use CTRL+Access key. For more information on access keys, please visit this Section 508 tutorial.
    • Access Key 1: Homepage
    • Access Key s: Skip to Content
    • Access Key 4: Search
    • Access Key c: Calendar
    • Access Key m: Maps
    • Access Key l: Libraries
    • Access Key d: Departments
    • Access Key u: MyUNC
  • All form fields on this site include the label element. Creating a label/ID relationship assists screen readers with properly reading each form control.

Development tools

While creating websites, developers at UNC should adopt and exceed the web standards established by the Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C) for the creation of online content. Specifically consult the W3C’s page on accessibility.

Web applications and tools for developers include:

Plugins for the Firefox web browser that can help in testing a website’s compliance with accessibility guidelines include:

More resources

For more information on best practices and web accessibility resources, please check the UNC Creative web style guide.

The offices of Disability Services and Equal Opportunity/ADA Office offer other resources for the Carolina Community